What to Expect When You’re Expecting a New Smile


       Motto™ clear aligners give you a lot to look forward to. A bigger smile? Yep. A healthier smile? Of course.            Finding yourself smiling a lot more? You know it. But there are some aspects of clear aligner treatment you            might not know about yet. So, let’s end the suspense by answering three of the most common questions we get.                

“Will it hurt?” 


We often get asked, “Are clear aligners painful?” To be honest, it’s natural for patients to feel some mild            discomfort, especially at first. Your aligners are repositioning your teeth after all. But this usually            dissipates after the first 24-48 hours of wearing each new aligner set. And, bonus: Aligner patients report            significantly less pain than patients who wear traditional braces to perfect their smiles. 


“How long does it take aligners to work?”


That depends on a few factors. The complexity of the case, the level of teeth crowding and the patient’s age            all matter. However, with Motto the average treatment time is less than 6 months.* Even better, with proper            clear aligner wear, you should start to see improvements in your smile within a month or two of you wearing            your first aligner tray.


“Will I have to change my lifestyle?”


To get the results you want, you’ll need to keep wearing your clear aligners whenever you’re not eating or            drinking anything other than water (and by water, we just mean regular tap water — take your aligners out            for mineral and flavored waters). Ideally, that’ll be about 22 hours a day. It’s an initial adjustment, for            sure. But Motto patients tend to get used to them pretty quickly.


Ready to expect the best? 


Your Motto care team is thoroughly trained in crafting happier, healthier smiles that look great and feel            even greater. Together, we’ll help build your perfect smile from start to finish, so you can put your best            face forward.

¹Average patient treatment plan lasts 5.4 months. Results may                vary.


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