What is a Malocclusion?

Causes & symptoms of malocclusion

You may or may not have any symptoms or feelings of discomfort due to a malocclusion.

However, depending on the severity of the diagnosis, some symptoms might include:

Discomfort when eating

Speech difficulties, like having a lisp

Pain in your jaw

Difficulty breathing


If left untreated, it can cause oral, physical and even mental health problems down the road.

Many of these misalignments can be corrected with clear aligners. It's never too late to have the smile of your dreams.

Different classes of malocclusions

There are many different types of malocclusions. Your particular one depends on how your jaw is shaped and how your molars line up.

Your Aspen Dental doctor can accurately diagnose you and provide treatment options.

Class 1

This classification is the most common and least severe. These occur when your top molars overlap your bottom molars.

Class 2 - Overbite

Class 2 is diagnosed when there is a severe overbite. Typically, your upper teeth and jaw are more forward than your lower teeth and jaw.

Class 3 - Underbite

This third classification is diagnosed when there is a severe underbite and at times surgery is required to correct it.


When the top front teeth extend beyond the lower front teeth horizontally.


This occurs when your upper teeth bite inside your lower teeth.

Open Bite

This occurs when the front teeth do not overlap the lower teeth.


Common treatments for malocclusion

Depending on the severity of your malocclusion, treatment can vary. From teeth aligners to braces, Motto aligners are an affordable, effective options for treating many malocclusions.


Alternative to surgery for malocclusion

As mentioned above there are numerous options for treating a malocclusion without having to resort to surgery.

Clear aligners are not only comfortable, but they can treat most misalignments. With Motto, not only do you have a Aspen Dental dentist with you every step of the way but your treatment plan is tailored specifically to your smile goals.

Braces are the most common way to treat a malocclusion. However, this option can be uncomfortable and can take years* depending on the treatment plan to correct crooked teeth.

Headgear is used to correct the more severe malocclusion—Class 1 and Class 2. These must be worn about 12 hours a day for 1 to 2 years.

How clear aligners treat malocclusion

The good news? Motto clear aligners can correct many types of malocclusions. Your Aspen Dental doctor can diagnose yours and create a personalized treatment plan to correct it. With as few as four visits, you could be on your way to a healthier, straighter smile. And a more confident one.


Speak with a dental expert about your malocclusion

Your first step to treating and straightening your smile with Motto clear aligners begins by scheduling your free scan at an Aspen Dental near you.

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