The Science Behind Motto Aligners

Motto treatment plans aren’t just dentist-directed, they’re guided by years of scientific research. From your first scan to your forever smile, your clear aligner treatment is built on innovative technology and hard data.

Here’s how our tech works for you from the beginning:

A precision scan at your consultation

Your smile and your mouth are unique. Every tooth, every little contour—they all affect how to best align your teeth. That’s why we begin your treatment plan with a thorough scan at your first visit.

Track your progress from home

Motto technology lets you and your whole care team track your progress 24/7 via your smartphone. Your scans are reviewed to optimize your treatment as well as your oral health. Most people start to see improvements within two weeks.

Transform your smile in less than 6 months¹

Motto Clear Aligners aren't just precision-fit for personalized results. We design them with next-gen technology and high-quality materials so that you see start seeing those results in a short amount of time—and your final results in less than half a year.¹

Works on all kinds of smiles

Since Motto is guided by experienced dentists from start to finish, we can accept more complex cases, too. We have the training to make onsite refinements and adjustments to your treatment whenever you need it. So, start your treatment knowing that your dentists are supporting you while science is supporting them.

Bonus. You can whiten your teeth while you straighten them.

You don’t need data to prove that a whiter smile will make your straighter smile look even better. But Motto whitening gel is included with your clear aligners.

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¹Average patient treatment plan lasts 5.4 months. Results may vary.

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