Surprising Benefits of Clear Aligners

6 surprising benefits of clear aligners

1. You might lose weight by eating less

Clear aligners can give you positive encouragement to eat fewer snacks. Before you take a bite of anything, you need to take your aligners out. As a result, you might be less tempted to go for that morning donut or your usual afternoon bag of chips.

2. You could reduce teeth staining

One of the advantages of Motto clear aligners is that teeth whitening is included in the cost of your treatment. But beyond that, straighter teeth are more stain-resistant. That's because it's easier to clean the stains coffee, wine and other beverages leave behind. Clear aligners also protect your teeth from staining while you're drinking. So, cheers!

3. You can improve your dental hygiene

Clear aligners can get a more perfect smile—with fewer chances of cavities too. When your teeth are straight, it’s much easier to clean and floss every nook and cranny between them.. We don't mean to sound dramatic here, but clear aligners can dramatically improve your dental hygiene.

4. You might not grind your teeth as much

Have you heard of bruxism? It's dentist-speak for grinding your teeth. And if you go to bed with your clear aligners in, they make it harder for you to do it. Protect your enamel while you straighten your smile—all while you sleep with clear aligners in.

5. You won’t have to wear braces

While braces will straighten your teeth, clear aligners are more comfortable. Since they don't require wires and brackets - they look better too. In fact, Motto clear aligners are nearly invisible to the naked eye. The only thing your friends, family and others should see is your greater, straighter smile.

6. You’ll save yourself time and frustration

Finally, clear aligners are more convenient than wearing traditional braces. Braces require more frequent check-ups with your orthodontist. They also make eating more uncomfortable – and your diet more restrictive.

With clear aligners, you'll likely need fewer offices visits (you can transform your smile in as few as 4 office visits with Motto). Plus you get to eat and drink freely with clear aligners—simply pop them out at meal time.

Choose Motto for your clear aligners.

These are just some of the advantages of clear aligners. But one of the ones we didn't mention is that Motto can get you started on your first day. Yes, you can walk out of your first office with your first starter tray¹ to jumpstart your treatment plan.

And your satisfaction is our goal with MottoAssured™, which means you can count on us to make refinements until you love your results.

Book your free scan now with Motto.


¹Starter tray is designed to be used for whitening and to prevent teeth from moving further until first set of custom aligners arrives.

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