Set Your Smile Resolutions for 2023

Why resolve to put your smile first in 2023? For one, a great smile can help you make great first impressions in the new year and beyond. Your smile says so much about your confidence and overall health. Here’s a quick checklist of healthy resolutions you can do in ’23 to flash the best version of you.

Straighten my smile

Starting Motto™ clear aligners treatment in 2023 isn’t just about a better-looking smile, it can also be a big part of raising your oral hygiene game. When your teeth are crooked, they’re harder to clean. Straightening them can help make it easier for you to brush and floss.

Brush and floss like a boss

We’ve all skipped a flossing or brushing here and there (you know who you are). But just like regular dental cleanings, it’s important to make regular brushing and flossing a priority to keep your smile tip top.

Keep up with my dentist

It might sound obvious. But we all could use the reminder to visit the dentist twice each year. Your dental care team can remove tartar and plaque buildup that brushing might have missed. This will help prevent tooth discoloration and decay, so can have bright and healthy teeth and gums — and a super smile.

Eat healthier stuff 

We get it. The holidays were a time to enjoy your guilty food pleasures. But fatty and sugary foods can be corrosive and acidic to your teeth. Make a commitment to eating more fresh fruits, vegetables and lean proteins. It’s not just helpful for your physical health, it’s also beneficial to bone health — including your teeth. 

Quit smoking

Smoking is especially harmful to your oral hygiene, due to an increased risk of cancers and gum disease. Even a light amount of smoking can contribute to teeth and gum discoloration. Quitting smoking can help stop this process. Plus, if you start Motto and use the free included whitening gel, you can reverse it. 

Drink responsibly

Excessive alcohol consumption can be acidic to your teeth and gums. It can also lead to dry mouth and tooth decay. By all means, raise a glass to a happy, healthy smile in 2023. But remember to do it in moderation.

Stick with smile resolutions all year

Following your clear aligner treatment plan will naturally help you improve your oral hygiene. And with our doctor-directed care, you’ll have the support and encouragement you need. See you in ’23. 

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