Misaligned Teeth

How do you define teeth misalignment?

Do the words underbite and overbite sound familiar?

Not only are both a form of misalignment, but their classification can also determine their severity.

Let's break down the most common:


Occurs when your lower jaw extends beyond your upper jaw.


Also known as buck teeth, this is when your upper teeth stick out further than your lower teeth


When the top front teeth extend beyond the lower front teeth horizontally


This occurs when yourupper teeth bite inside your lower teeth

Open Bite

This occurs when the front teeth do not overlap the lower teeth

Class 1

Is the most common and least severe. These occur when your top molars overlap your bottom molars

Class 2

Is diagnosed when there is a severe overbite. Typically, your upper teeth and jaw overlap with your lower teeth and jaw

Class 3

Is diagnosed when there is a severe underbite and surgery is required to correct it.                                

Treating misaligned teeth

Straighter teeth can improve your oral health by fighting periodontal disease, inflammation and infections.

Brushing and flossing can be a lot easier too.

Deciding the best treatment option depends on your smile goals.

A crown, bond or veneer may be the best solution if you need to make a small adjustment to one or two teeth.

But with clear aligners, you can not only improve the appearance and alignment of all your teeth, but also the overall health of your smile.

How can Motto help?

Motto clear aligners can correct many types of misalignments.

With as few as four visits, you could be on your way to a healthier, straighter smile. And a more confident one.

Our care teams are here to help you decide why Motto may be what your smile needs.

It's time to say "goodbye" to your malocclusion and "hello" to Motto.

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