How Much Do Clear Aligners Cost?

At Motto, we believe that everyone deserves a great smile. And we also believe getting that great smile should not require a lot of your time or money. That’s why we offer affordable clear aligner pricing and convenient payment options.

Check out these three easy ways to help pay for Motto clear aligners:  

How much do aligners cost with dental insurance?

It doesn’t matter if you get your dental insurance through your employer, or you pay for it out-of-pocket: you may be able to your coverage for a significant portion of your clear aligners treatment cost—maybe even all of it.

Motto works with all dental insurance. Yes, all of them. But you will want to consult with your employer’s benefits manager or your insurance company to get full details.

If you don’t have dental insurance or your insurance will not cover the full cost of your clear aligners, you can also pay… 

How much are clear aligners with an HSA or FSA?  

If you’re not familiar with HSAs and FSAs, here’s how they work. You elect to have money deducted from your paycheck (you choose the amount) before taxes. Then you use those funds for healthcare and personal care needs, including clear aligners. And again, you can pay using income you will not be taxed on. So, that should help make you smile wider already.

Consult with your employer’s benefits manager about how to set up and use an HSA or an FSA. You can use them to pay for everything from sunscreen to gym memberships to vision care. But if HSAs and FSAs are not an option, you can pay for your clear aligners treatment… 

How much do clear dental aligners cost compared to braces?

Between the time spent traveling to and from the dentist's and orthodontist's offices, with the many appointments you'll have to make for readjustments and check-ins, the cost of braces can add up quickly. With Motto aligners and Aspen Dental though, you'll be well on your way to straighter teeth in as little as 4 dentist visits!

And since these clear aligners are removable, you'll never need to worry about readjustments. In fact, with MottoRetain, we include 8 replacement retainers for up to 2 years after your treatments are complete, mailed directly to you.

How much do clear teeth aligners cost from Motto compared to other aligners?

Costing as much as 50% less than Invisalign, Motto aligners are cheaper than the vast majority of other clear aligner brands available today.

Lending options are subject to credit approval, additional options available from Healthcare Finance Direct.  All credit decisions made by third parties. See Pricing for full terms and conditions.

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