A Day in Your Life With Motto™ Clear Aligners

What will your days be like with your Motto clear aligners? For the most part, about the same. You’ll still go to work, school, the gym, the store, wherever. You’ll still get to enjoy all your favorite foods. But you will need to practice a little extra diligence throughout the day to keep your teeth and aligners in top shape. The good news? You might even lose a little weight. Here’s a sample play-by-play.

Mornings: Wake up—or hit the snooze button—and do your normal morning routine. Since you sleep with your clear aligners in, you’re ready to go. Just make sure to take them out before breakfast (especially when drinking hot coffee or tea, which can warp your aligners). Brush your teeth normally, and gently brush your aligners with cool water before putting them back in. Keep your aligner case handy if you’re heading out.

Water break: Drink up! You don’t need to remove your clear aligners to drink water. Just remember: Motto aligners work best when worn at least 20 hours per day. So time your aligner breaks strategically.

Lunchtime: Time to pop into your favorite lunch spot and pop your aligners out again and into your aligner case. Repeat to self: Thou shall not stash aligners in a napkin—too easy to lose. If you’re pressed for time, don’t worry about brushing your aligners before you put them back in. A quick rinse will do.

Afternoon snack break: Or, is it? A lot of clear aligner patients say they’re less likely to snack in between meals because they don’t feel like taking their aligners out. Many have reported even losing a few pounds during their clear aligner treatment.

Happy hour: Say hi and smile! Motto clear aligners are precision-crafted to be virtually invisible so others will barely notice them. Just remember to stash your aligners in your tray case before that nice glass of cabernet. Brush if you can before putting them back in.

Nighttime: This might be the best time to deep clean your clear aligners with either your Motto cleaning tablets or a 5-minute soak with hydrogen peroxide. Brush and floss normally. Then pop your aligners back in and go to bed knowing that you’re now one day closer to your dream smile.

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Throughout your Motto treatment, you’ll have a dedicated Smile Advisor to help answer any questions or concerns you have. So, reach out any time. We want you happier with every millimeter moved.

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