Clear Aligners’ Clear Advantages Over Clear Braces

At first, clear braces and clear aligners sound the same. They’re both go-tos for patients who want to go from crooked teeth to beautiful, new smiles. And they both deliver. But clear aligners have some advantages you have to see - and some that you have to not see - to understand why patients love them.

Nearly invisible > Sort of invisible 

Because clear braces have clear ceramic or acrylic brackets instead bright metal ones, they’re less noticeable. But they’re still connected by wires and bands that anyone can see. Clear aligners, on the other hand, are nearly invisible without any wires. The only thing noticeable to anyone will be your straighter smile.

Easier - and easy - to clean

With clear aligners, you’ll just pop them out to clean for better hygiene. That makes brushing and flossing much easier, since you won’t have to work around clear braces and wires. So, your risk of plaque buildup and tooth decay is lower.

Added bonus: If you go with Motto for your clear aligners, whitening gel is included at no extra cost, meaning your smile can be straighter and whiter.

A comfier fit

In general, clear aligner patients find their treatment is more comfortable and less painful than braces because there are no sharp edges and wires too cut into the inside of your mouth and lips. With Motto, your aligners are laser-trimmed for a flawless fit.

We’ll help you see the difference

At Motto, our goal is to help you see your dream smile in no time. But we also want you to see how great your teeth-straightening experience can be. Motto clear aligners are available exclusively at Aspen Dental, so schedule a visit today.

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