Top 5 Things to Know Before Choosing Clear Aligner Treatment

They can straighten your teeth. They can give you a smile you'll love. They can even help improve your overall oral, mental and physical health. But before you plan your clear aligners journey, you've probably got important questions like: "what are aligners for teeth" and "how do aligners work." We'll answer all of those questions —and more—below, so you can feel more comfortable getting started.

1. What are clear aligners for teeth?

Like braces, clear aligners are designed to help gradually straighten your teeth and give you a smile you love. But unlike braces, clear aligners are plastic trays designed so you can place them directly on your teeth. As a result, they are much more comfortable, nearly invisible and can require less of your time to complete treatment. When you start treatment, an oral health professional will work with you to craft aligner trays designed to fit your mouth.

2. How do clear aligners work?

The important part is that the aligners do the work. You just have to pop them in and enjoy your life. Once your clear aligners are in properly, they slowly shift your teeth into the right positions for your improved smile. It’s important to wear your clear aligners as directed by your doctor—usually for 20-22 hours per day. With Motto, you can see your doctor and dedicated Smile Advisors live and in-person, or check in from your sofa 24/7 with MottoMonitoringᵀᴹ.

3. When should I get started with clear aligners?

It's up to you. Whenever you’re ready to get a smile you’ll love. Motto has multiple financing options for your convenience, including enjoying $0 down to get started today.¹ 

4. How quickly will I see progress?

Every treatment is unique, but with Motto, most people start to see results in as little as two weeks. The average patient treatment plan lasts 5.4 months. You can also save time by choosing 24/7 dental monitoring for fewer office visits.

5. How much do clear aligners cost?

In-office aligners can cost up to $7,000. DIY aligners cost approximately $1,950. With Motto, you can enjoy the savings of at home aligners combined with the expert care of in-office aligners for as low as $1,895. 

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¹Lending options available from CareCredit are subject to credit approval.  All credit decisions made by third parties.

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