The Alignment Four: 4 Tips for Game Day With Clear Aligners

You want that winning smile as much as your team wants to win it all. So, let’s make sure there are no fouls when it comes to wearing your clear aligners on game day. With all the right moves from the Motto™ playbook, you’ve got the home team advantage.

Play #1: Gear up

If you’re headed out to watch the game, don’t forget to pack your clear aligners case and a travel toothbrush (along with your foam finger and jersey). That way, you can remove your aligners to enjoy the game day spread—and then duck out for a cleaning before putting your aligners back in the game.

Play #2: Make halftime snack time

Never miss a fast break or a buzzer beater. When the first half buzzer goes off, put your clear aligners in their case and enjoy all your game day favorites. You’ll have plenty of time left for a quick rinse and a brush before the second half tips off.

Play #3: H2-Only

Make sure to take your clear aligners out before drinking anything that isn’t tap water. Sugar and flavoring can all overpower your aligners’ defense. Drinking alcohol with clear aligners in—even clear, unflavored spirits—is bad for their integrity.

If you can, bring a refillable water bottle with you. It’ll help keep you hydrated and save you from trying to rinse out in a bar or stadium restroom.

Play #4: Don’t get dragged down by cigarettes 

While it’s possible to smoke while undergoing clear aligners treatment, the smarter play is not to smoke at all. Nicotine and tar can quickly stain them. Even if you remove them (which you should) for a smoke, the nicotine can linger in your mouth. So, if you’re stepping out for a butt at halftime, definitely take your aligners out, and brush thoroughly before popping them back in.

Stay in the game 

Your Motto care team can help you claim your championship smile in less than 6 months.¹ Book your free scan today, and we’ll coach you through the right treatment plan on game day and every day.


¹Average patient treatment plan lasts 5.4 months. Results may vary.

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